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IASIC Speaker Series

The International Academy on the Science and Impact of Cannabis (IASIC) is excited to present the IASIC Speaker Series. Presented free of charge, this ongoing educational seminar series will focus on the science, data, and peer-reviewed research surrounding marijuana and will be led by international medical experts. This non-partisan and non-political series is continually developed, organized, and guided by doctors.

Upcoming Seminars


Cannabis Drug Interactions: The Unknown & Hidden Dangers

April 9, 2024 - 1:00pm Eastern


It is now estimated that over 50% of the US population take some medication on a regular basis. As the population ages more patients are taking more medications chronically and for a longer period of time. Cannabis use has increased for both medicinal and recreational purposes. As more states make cannabis more readily available, cannabis use will continue to rise. Unbeknownst to many, this is where these two worlds collide with numerous drug interactions. This presentation will review the potential drug interactions that can occur, their severity and impact. Specific drug interactions will be reviewed to heighten awareness as to what healthcare professionals and patients should look for and resources to determine these drug interactions before they occur. Helpful direction will be provided on how to ask about these potential drug interactions and cannabis use, along with information that should be provided by patients at any visit or interaction with the healthcare system. 

William Lynch

William J. Lynch Jr. received his pharmacy degree from Rutgers University and is a practicing clinical pharmacist with Jefferson Health System. He serves as Adjunct Faculty at the Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine, Department of Emergency Medicine. His pharmacy background includes over 37 years of clinical practice at Jefferson and Rowan and also as a clinical preceptor for Rutgers University, Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy, Thomas Jefferson University College of Pharmacy and Saint Joseph's University. He is a member of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area, National Marijuana Initiative Subject Matter Expert Speakers Bureau (ONDCP HIDTA NMI) and serves as the Pharmacy Internship Program Preceptor. He is also an Expert Affiliate Council Member of the International Academy on the Science and Impact of Cannabis (IASIC) and a health care professional partner of the Keep Delaware Safe & Healthy Coalition and for the State of Delaware Substance Abuse Epidemiological Outcomes Working Group. Bill serves as an Advisory Board Member with atTAcK addiction and is also a member of the Camden County New Jersey Addiction Awareness Task Force. He is a certified State of New Jersey Department of Law and Public Safety Division of Criminal Justice Police Training Commission Instructor. He also serves as the Gloucester Township NJ Police Department SAVE Program Adviser, as a Central Virginia Overdose Working Group Member and as a New Jersey State Police Regional Operations Intelligence Center Drug Monitoring Initiative Fusion Center partner and Health and Prevention Sharing Network partner.

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